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Nothing screams America more than cold beer, pickup trucks, and freedom, and nothing celebrates these things more than country music. Taking its roots from old school folk music and throwing in a little cowboy flair, country has become the soundtrack of the American South, with its heart located in the legendary music city of Nashville. Country music combines simple harmonies with various string instruments like guitars, banjos, and fiddles, forming songs that can evoke a wide range of emotions. This is one of the qualities for which country music is so celebrated; it has the ability to create melancholy ballads or uplifting, singalong jams that are a perfect accompaniment to a cloudless summer day. Country music provides the perfect tunes for cruising down the highway with the windows open and sun shining down on you. As far as live shows go, when you have country mustic tickets expect the crowd to be belting out every word while arm in arm with their neighbors, swaying back and forth to the beat and raising their beers in the air. So grab your best flannel shirt, 10-gallon hat, and cowboy boots and head on out to a country show!

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