Children's Events Tickets

Save up to 60% below box office price.

Children's Events Tickets

Nothing beats your kid’s face when he sees his favorite characters live on stage for the first time! At ScoreBig, we want to make that moment more affordable for all families out there by making sure they get a great deals on children’s event tickets.

These days your children's favorite dolls, tv characters and cartoon stars can all be found live and on stage. From Elmo to Big Bird, you can meet them all at Sesame Street Live. Other popular shows include Disney Live, Marvel Universe Live, Peppa Pig Live and more.

There are many options for buying children’s event tickets, but when you choose to shop at ScoreBig you can save up to 60%. With deals like these, you can pay the same amount and get great seats right in the center of the action. Or you can take your ScoreBig savings and pay it forward for food, parking, and that souvenir your kids can’t stop talking about.

Ready to make memories that will last your family a lifetime? Then it’s time to get children’s event tickets.