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Cavalia is an entertainment company that creates, produces and promotes unique and innovative shows by taking them all over the world. Founded by Normand Latourelle in 2003, the company is currently based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The initial name of the company was Voltige, which was eventually changed to Cavalia – a fabricated word that comes from the Spanish and French words for horse and the French and English word cavalier. Currently, the company is touring for its second major production, Odysseo, which was launched in 2011. With more than 110 artists working to bring this masterpiece to you, you surely cannot miss it. Grab your Cavalia tickets at the earliest and catch this colossal production as it unfolds on stage.

About Cavalia

Cavalia gives the audience a one-of-a-kind experience with its reimagining of the equestrian and theatrical arts. Being Canada’s largest cultural enterprise, the company has an important role in promoting the country’s cultural heritage. Using its expertise in high technology, special effects and multimedia elements, it manages to create magical experiences for the audience. The first show by the company, called Cavalia: A Magical Encounter Between Human and Horse, has been viewed by over 5 million people across the US, Europe, Australia, Asia and the Middle East, since it debuted in 2003.

In May 2009, the company was given a $4 million loan to work on new productions and for the construction of a horse-training facility in Sutton. Cavalia shows feature multiple horses, including Andalusian horses, American horses, Canadian horses, Quarter horses, Belgians, Lusitanos, Paint horses, Appaloosas and Arabians. They have been brought in from France, Spain and the US.

The Philosophy Behind

The approach used by the company ensures that the horses involved in the entire production process enjoy the training along with on-stage performances. Trainers treat the horses with respect and pay attention to what they are willing to offer. Lots of patience and trust goes into the entire process with a genuine sense of caring and authenticity.

About Odysseo

Odysseo is the second production by Cavalia and was launched in 2011. The show has been described as "horses and humans leaving together to meet a world between dream and reality by traveling through the great wonders that nature has offered, deserts, waterfalls, canyons and glaciers." Odysseo creates a wonderful experience for the audience, using equestrian arts, music, special effects, acrobatics and beautiful multimedia projections. In addition to the technological aspects of the production, the show also features around 300 different costumes and beautiful sets.

The team behind this grand production is as follows:

Director Light Design Composer Writer Choreographer Set Designer
Normand Latourelle Wayne Fowkes Alain Lortie Michel Cusson Mathieu Roy Elsie Morin Darren Charles Alain Gauthier Guillaume Lord

The wildly imaginative stage craft of Odysseo, along with amazing acrobatics make it truly “a grand spectacle of epic proportions’. This multi-million dollar extravaganza is going to take you through a poignant yet theatrical experience. This production can be enjoyed by audiences of all ages as the storyline rediscovers an age-old relationship between horse and human. More than one hundred horses and artists take the audience on a journey through a realm of dreams where they come across some of the most beautiful landscapes. Odysseo is primarily food for the soul, with its layers of mesmerizing, multi-dimensional voyages. Along with that, the acrobats and aerial stunts along with the special multimedia effects are genuinely a feast for the eyes!

About The White Big Top

The tent where Odysseo is going to be performed is the White Big Top. It has been particularly designed according to the requirements of the show and the vision of the people who created Odysseo. It is the largest touring tent in the world, even bigger than the one Cavalia constructed for its first production. The tent is the ideal mix of art, advanced engineering and technology. Its construction is such that it allows the creative team to create a vast stage with a three-storey tall mountain, which serves as the perfect backdrop to the horses and performers. The tent goes 125 feet into the sky with three arches and a total of 173 different types of motors. It covers an area of 58,000 square feet, equaling to an NFL football field. The entire Odysseo village has 5 tents and multiple stables for 65 horses. Only the stage within the Big Top is 17,000 square feet in area with 10,000 tons of stone, sand and dirt to create the ideal look, along with a massive 40,000 gallon lake. The tent has the seating capacity of 2042 and its installation requires more than a week.

Reviews for Odysseo

Odysseo has been very well received by both fans and critics. The Chicago Tribune praised its “immersive design elements” that are designed to give the audience “a sense of having come upon them (the horses) in their natural setting”.

The Tennessean also praised the production, calling it a “unique theatrical experience balances remarkable equestrian arts with dazzling stagecraft and technical effects, taking us on a wondrous journey “from the African savannah to Nordic glaciers.”

Nashville Parent has called Odysseo a “mesmerizing equestrian phenomenon like no other!”

The response to Odysseo has been quite amazing, with multiple sold out shows.

Discount Tickets Cavalia

Cavalia’s Odysseo has been on tour for a while now, performing in multiple locations including San Jose, Irvine, Vancouver, Mississauga and Nashville. Travelling with the gleaming signature White Big Top tent, the show will be taking place in Nashville till 22nd October, 2017. If you want to catch it live, you have got to get your hands on these discount tickets Cavalia, before the White Big Top is uprooted and moved to another city! The mind-boggling theatrics and the beautiful galloping of the horses across the grandest stage of all, is certainly something you cannot miss. The show even offers a VIP experience and special group rates – so what are you waiting for!

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