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Casa Manana Tickets

Also known as the House of Tomorrow, Casa Mañana is a theater that aims to provide Texans with exceptional quality of entertainment and education. Located in Fort Worth, the venue opened back in 1936 and has since hosted a variety of top-notch productions.

In 2018 it will be playing host to shows including Peter, Darling: The New Peter Pan Musical, Jekyll & Hyde and Madagascar - A Musical Adventure among others. Besides, Casa Mañana holds a range of workshops and programs for those aspiring to make careers in the performing arts. Given its unique and varied opportunities and offerings, Casa Manana tickets are always in demand.

Venue Details

Location Year Opened Date Reopened Capacity Choreographer Operator
3101 West Lancaster Avenue Fort Worth, Texas United States 1936 July 5, 1958 1,805 Casa MaƱana, Inc.


In the year 1936, Dallas was officially selected as the site for the Texas Centennial Celebration. In order to compete with Dallas, Amon G. Carter, founder and publisher of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram decided to organize a grand and unique celebration in Fort Worth. For this purpose, he initially commissioned a number of women to put together a theatrical production. They came up with the idea of a show that charted the history of Fort Worth but Carter wasn’t impressed with it. He thought it was not appealing enough to pull people away from the celebrations in Dallas. Thus, he approached Rufus Le Maire, Fort Worth native and casting director for MGM Studios at the time and entrusted him with the challenging task.

Le Maire recommended involving successful Broadway impresario Billy Rose whose musical Jumbo was showing in New York City at the time. Amon G. Carter then hired Billy Rose who in his proposal suggested the following: “We have to give them girls and more girls. Your only chance of bucking Dallas is entertainment on a grand scale, with a strong western flavor, but meeting big-time standards in every way.” Pleased with the idea, Carter gave Rose a sum of $500,000 to create the Show of Shows in a span of four months.  

In a matter of weeks, the land was transformed into Casa Mañana which featured the largest revolving stage in the world and had a capacity to accommodate up to 4,000 guests. The Show of Shows production turned out to be unlike anything Fort Worth had witnessed before. It featured beauty queens, showgirls, dancers and elaborate stage designs. It was the first time Broadway had graced Fort Worth and the response was overwhelming; so much so that it expanded into a five shows event. This included the musical Jumbo which was brought from New York to Fort Worth and a number of other interesting events.

The event surpassed Carter’s expectations and its popularity led the team to repeat it the following year. However, the festivities in 1937 closed earlier owing to a copyright infringement issue with Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchel. This resulted in cutting off all association with Rose. In 1938 and 1939 the show ran without him. However, the increasing costs and threat of World War II did not allow for continuation and eventually led to the dismantling of the entire complex.

Casa Mañana Returns

In the year 1957, the president and manager of Fort Worth Opera Association (James H. Snowden and Melvin O. Dacus respectively) requested for the theatre to be recreated as a non-profit corporation and operate a theatre complex that would primarily focus on the production of Broadway shows. On January 14, 1958, the project received approval from the city council and a budget of $500,000 was allocated for the construction of the venue.

Few months later on July 5, 1958, Casa Mañana returned as a non-profit theater. The newly constructed venue was fully enclosed, air-conditioned and shaped as a dome. It opened with the stage performance of the musical Can-Can that introduced the audience to an 1805-seat house and round-shaped stage. There was no backstage space so the cast and crew had to make do with the surrounding area to move props on and off the stage.

The Evolvement of Casa Mañana  

In the year 1962, the Children’s Playhouse was added in the Casa Mañana Theatre. Its primary aim is to facilitate and train young aspiring performing artists.

In 1998, Nancy Lee & Perry R. Bass Performance Hall was opened as a multi-purpose facility, catering to the educational and entertainment needs of the performing arts community in Fort Worth. The Hall is home to Texas Ballet Theater, Fort Worth Opera and Fort Worth Symphony. Besides it also serves as a roadhouse for touring Broadway productions.

Named after Fort Worth’s Tony Award winning actress, The Betty Lynn Buckley Awards program was started in the year 2000. Taking place annually during the summers, the program strives to promote and celebrate young talent. It features a panel of judges who vote for a winner in thirteen different categories. The outreach program culminates in a Tony Award like ceremony at the Casa Mañana Theatre.

In 2003, Casa Mañana Theatre underwent renovation in order to add space for a broad variety of events, meetings and educational programs. A grand lobby and numerous restrooms were added along with a modified stage design for the theatre.

Casa Manana Tickets

Casa Mañana Theatre has evolved into a one of its kind facility in Fort Worth. Apart from being the hub of critically acclaimed theater shows, it runs a recognized theatre school that nurtures young talent in Fort Worth.

Cana Manana tickets for the upcoming events are already selling fast. So, check out the itinerary and make bookings for the event you wish to attend.

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