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Bon Iver Tickets

"It's important to make it sound new. It used to be just a 'G' chord on a guitar for many years. The longer I've done it, I've become interested in a bunch of other sounds, too. I guess this time we went looking for different kinds of sparks, then over the course of the last few years just putting those moments together, and seeing how they coexist and how they make something new.”

These are the words of Justin Vernon, the founder of indie sensation, Bon Iver. He was talking about their latest album “22, A Million” but he might as well be talking about how he looks at music and this statement would still have been true.

Bon Iver has pushed indie music’s boundaries over the last decade or so. They came out of nowhere to make their mark and shocked everyone with the power of their music. Not ones to stand still, they are now on a tour and you can be a part of the experience by booking your Bon Iver tickets.

Early Days and Influences

Bon Iver is the brainchild of Justin Vernon who grew up listening to all sorts of music. He was a huge fan of Charlie Mingus and Bruce Hornsby. But those two were not the only names that inspired him. Bon Iver’s diverse music is a combination of all sorts of different sounds.

In 2001, while Vernon was still in college he formed the band, DeYarmond Edison. The band was part of the music landscape for five years and came out with two albums during that time. They started off performing in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, but then made the move to Raleigh, North Carolina. After spending a year there, the band disbanded. Vernon packed his bags and re-located to Wisconsin.

His move to Wisconsin was triggered by a painful break with his girlfriend and the fact he was suffering from mononucleosis hepatitis. Vernon had no plans of making any new music for the next year or so but it was during that time of isolation that he began to form a sketch of a record in his mind. He picked up a few instruments and began to record. Once the album was complete, a few of his friends encouraged him to release the tracks.

500 CDs were made and Vernon released them by performing a show at the House of Rock. Seventeen copies were sent to different publications and Pitchfork gave the record positive reviews. Vernon then went on to perform at the CMJ Music Marathon and that is when record companies began to take notice.

Breakthrough and Recognition

He soon signed with Jagjaguwar Records. That resulted in the release of Bon Iver’s first album “For Emma, Forever Ago.” The record turned out to be a massive hit. It charted in multiple countries and also received a lot of critical acclaim. It received 88/100 from Metacritic. AllMusic, Q and The Guardian both gave it four stars out of five. Mojo went a step further to give it a five out of five rating.

On the commercial front “For Emma, Forever Ago” did very well too. It went to the first spot on the US Top Heatseekers Albums and to number four on the US Independent Albums. The record was certified platinum in Australia and the US while it went gold in the UK and Denmark.

Vernon then decided to go on a tour as Bon Iver for the first time as a supporting act to Elvis Perkins. Then to promote the record, Vernon added more musicians to the line-up with other acts. Those performances helped a lot in getting them noticed and in 2009 they performed at Austin City Limits, Lollapalooza and Bonnaroo.

Notable Work and Album Releases

Bon Iver began to work on their next album and “Bon Iver, Bon Iver” came out on March 23, 2011. It was another big hit and went on to top the charts in Norway and Denmark. The record also went as high as the second spot on the US Billboard 200. It also won a Grammy for the “Best Alternative Music Album.” Bon Iver won the “Best New Artist” Grammy for their stellar work on the record.

The album was a commercial hit, and the critics could not stop raving about it. The record received three and a half stars out of five form AllMusic and five out of five from The Guardian. The Daily Telegraph and Q gave it four stars out of five. It received 9.5 out of 10 from Pitchfork.

They went on a tour after the release of the album. Their last performance was in Dublin and at the end of it, Bon Iver dropped a bombshell. They announced that they will be taking a break. They however returned to perform live on July 18, 2015 and released two new tracks during their performance at the Eaux Claires Music Festival.

Bon Iver then went on a tour of Asia in 2016 and released their next album “22, A Million” on September 30, 2016. The record went to the second spot on its debut on the Billboard 200. It received widespread critical acclaim – AllMusic, The Daily Telegraph and The Guardian all gave it four stars out of five. The Independent gave it five out of five. “22, A Million” also got a nine out of ten rating from Pitchfork and a four out of five rating from NME.

Bon Iver Tour Tickets

The two time Grammy Award winners are now on tour and will be on the road almost non-stop till the first quarter of 2018. They are brilliant live performers and that is why Bon Iver tour tickets are in high demand right now. This is a band that has come out with something new with all three of their albums. Their knack for experimentation and the diversity of their music is what makes them so special. Now that they are touring again, do not miss this opportunity and see them perform live.

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