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One of the funniest and most distinctive voices in the world of comedy, Bill Burr is known for his straight-shooting. Offering little to no frills, Burr says what’s on his mind and doesn’t even try to present his humor with a glorious preamble or a fancy opening. Born in Canton, Massachusetts, Bill Burr moved to the New York City in 1995 to pursue his career.

With his Boston accent, Burr’s comedic delivery – punchy and informal, often becomes flamboyant. With his jaunty moves, Bill Burr struts across the stage with confidence, his chest puffed out and launching into a witty rage. Selling out theaters internationally, Bill Burr tickets are among the top purchases, encouraging the standup comedian to tour regularly.

Early Life & Influences

Among the best comedians of his generation, Bill Burr has achieved massive success on television and films, as well as on  stage. A writer, actor, podcaster and a social critic, Burr’s rise to fame was gradual.

He got a degree in radio and took the stage for the first time in 1992, when he was still a student at the Emerson College. The audience loved him and it paved way for more opportunities in the comedy circuit. In 1996, Bill Burr landed a role in the television sitcom “Townies”, which later earned him guest roles in popular TV shows like “Law & Order: Criminal Intent”, “Chappelle’s Show” and “Breaking Bad”.

Influenced by the likes of Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Sam Kinison and Bill Cosby, Burr, early in his career, had an encounter with the award-winning comedian Dave Chappelle, who though five years younger to Burr, had started his career earlier than Burr. Chappelle saw Bill Burr perform in a show once and later told him that his humor was “so dope”. Then he said what Burr claims has helped him in all the tough times, “It’s gonna take you longer to get there, but when you hit, you’re gonna hit really hard”.

Staying true to himself and his talent, Burr has evolved as a comedic genius and an intelligent public commentator. He’s reached a point in his career where he has stopped caring what the critics say, regardless of the consequences and that’s what makes him such a brilliant comedian.

Career Breakthrough

Bill Burr didn’t become an overnight sensation. He worked hard to get where he is and it was one performance after the other that helped him in building a following. In 2006, he landed a gig in Philadelphia and took the stage after the comedians before him were booed and jeered excessively by the rowdy crowd.  And that became Bill Burr’s shining moment. Unleashing a torrent of humorous rage, Burr in that moment earned the respect of the audience who had no choice but to laugh in praise.

With time, fans and critics alike have come to realize that Bill Burr is not just about smooth comedic delivery. He’s a brilliant thinker who is well-informed about the world happenings, has a clear objective mind and is not scared to share his opinion. Challenging the contradictions and hypocrisies in society, Burr forces people to accept their own stupidities with laughter. Bill Burr has a platform to talk about important issues and he uses it to his best efforts.  

Notable Works & Honors  

When a performer is called a “comedian’s comedian” it usually implies lack of mainstream success. But Bill Burr is an exception. Considered the pride of Boston, he has conquered every possible medium – television, radio, stage and cinema. His “Monday Morning Podcast” is one of the most downloaded podcasts and it’s because of the ingenuity he brings to the listeners.

The podcast never features a guest and it’s always Bill Burr behind the mic. Talking about whatever is on his mind, he’s insightful, crude and simply hilarious. He’s also keen on introducing advertisements in between his session, even making fun of the products being advertised.

Not just evolving personally and professionally, Bill Burr has also grown with technology. From DVDs, to podcasts to Netflix, he has come a long way. His 2010 special “Let It Go” featured a flawless performance, full of humor and energy. He covered a variety of topics including male insecurities and government conspiracies.

The comedy special “Why Do I Do This?” came out in 2008 and at that time Burr was at the crux of superstardom, becoming one of the biggest comics around. The jokes were abundant and topics ranged far and wide. He hardly gave his audience a chance to catch their breath on this one and the special became a huge hit.

2003’s “Emotionally Unavailable” is one of his biggest hits. Recorded in an intimate club, the material on this one was more organized, presented in the form of stories. His performance treated the crowd to impromptu responses.

“You People Are All the Same” and “Walk Your Way Out” followed next in 2012 and 2017, respectively. Both managed to stir his fanbase, earning Bill Burr a lot of acclaim.

Bill Burr Tour Tickets

A new father to a daughter born on January 20, 2017 and with a tight recording schedule, it was assumed that Bill Burr would cut down on standup shows and live touring. No chance! He has announced fresh dates for his 2017 tour and is even expected to stretch it well into 2018. Bill Burr tour tickets are among the hottest purchases this season and the comedian is likely to perform in front of a full house.

Boasting of a direct style that’s full of bravado, Bill Burr builds momentum through his comic rhythm and stage persona. As he continues to be inspired by different things around him, Bill Burr has still so many years of comedy left in him. Amen to that.

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