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The award-winning, chart-topping Mexican band Banda Sinaloense MS de Sergio Lizarraga continues to be a crowd favorite. Formed in 2003, this 16-member regional Mexican ensemble released their 11th album in April 2017 and has followed it with a US tour.

What makes this trek all the more exciting for the fans is that it comes nearly after a year when the lead vocalist Alan Ramírez suffered and survived a gunshot wound to the neck. His bandmates call him a living miracle and to them, he sounds even better than before.

Performing banda sinaloense music that is a blend of traditional and popular folk music, Banda MS’s compositions are soulful, symphonic and completely festive. Fans with Banda MS tickets will be treated to the band’s beautiful romantic ballads like “No me pidas perdón”, “Mi razón de ser”, “Hermosa experiencia”, “A lo major” and “Háblame de it”. 

Early Life & Career Beginning

Banda Sinaloense MS de Sergio Lizarraga initially started off as a group of 15 members. Formed by the two brothers – clarinetist Alberto Lizarraga and tuba player Sergio Lizárraga, the band had a humble beginning in their hometown Mazatlán. With Julion Alvarez as the lead vocalist, Banda MS performed live at local weddings and festivals. They soon found recognition and were signed to the record label Disa. Alan Manual Ramírez joined in 2004 and the Banda got their 16th member.

Their debut album “No podrás” hit the shelves in 2004 and received a lot of airtime on radio. With enough material in their repertoire to keep the crowd entertained, Bana MS embarked on a lengthy tour.

Banda MS tour tickets witnessed a huge demand and it increased their following manifold. When in 2006 their sophomore album “Mi Mayor Anhelo” came out, it was a big success. Released to an incredible radio fanfare, the album also saw an increase in sales. Banda MS flourished and their reputation especially, as a touring band, grew immensely. Spreading their wings, Banda MS established a fanbase in the US and scheduled concerts in popular cities.

Breakthrough & Recognition

In 2006, Julion Alvarez left the band for a solo career and his space was filled by Salcido and Oswaldo Silvas. Their sales increased with more album releases, but Banda MS was yet to enjoy a massive commercial success. It finally happened in 2008 with the release of “Escuela de rancho”.

The single “El Mechón” not just topped the radio charts but also peaked at the top ten on the Mexican regional charts. In 2009, another hit track “El 24” was released and it cemented Banda’s position as a talented ensemble. The 16 members packed their bags and headed out on another extensive tour. Attendance soared at their live shows and arenas filled, not just at home, but also in the US.

Banda MS got famous for their well choreographed performances, matching attires and eclectic display of instruments. They mesmerize the audience with synchronized trumpet playing, harmony on tarolas and rhythmic tambora. Superb lighting effects and pyrotechnics create a stunning ambiance, all enhanced by Alan Ramírez’s deep, powerful vocals.

Notable Work & Album Releases

Albums came pouring in by Banda MS. In 2011 “Amor enfermo” hit the shelves and broke through the Latin and regional charts. “Mi razón de ser” followed next in 2012 and it peaked at number three position on the US Regional charts. The title track earned the band their first Latin Grammy Awards nomination and it paved way for more of such honors.

“10 aniversario” was a huge album as Banda MS finally lifted a Latin Grammy Award for the song “Hermosa experiencia”. They also won at the Billboard Latin Music Awards the same year and it came with another honor – being named the best “Regional Mexican songs – Artist of the Year, Duo or Group”.

After their run ended with the Disa Records, Banda MS signed with Universal in 2013. It allowed them the opportunity to work with some of the best Mexican producers and songwriters. Their debut album with the label came in 2014 and “No Me Pidas Perdón” was yet another hit by them.

In 2015, Banda came out with “Háblame de Ti” and it remained among the top two for 15 consecutive weeks. Hits compilations, live albums and studio releases continued, prompting Banda to be featured on popular television and radio shows. Their touring and live performances gained pace and the band spent a lot of time on the road.

Banda MS Tour Tickets

Tickets sales for the band’s concerts have seen a steady increase in all these years. Today they easily sell out huge arenas and have some big performances lined up at the Cox Convention Center, Greensboro Coliseum and Selland Arena.

Banda MS’s massive success comes with a lot of hard work. Early on in their career they tapped into the listeners’ interest, creating music that’s an eclectic blend of traditional and contemporary. Fusion of conventional instruments and brilliant vocals make Banda MS a talented ensemble.

Their success came with a lot of struggle as well and it mostly had to do with people’s perspective. It was a common belief that the Mexican musicians were involved in gangs and cartels, and that their music is all about that. Banda MS wrote songs about love and peace, and they were slowly able to find a following that believed in their work.

Today a chart-topping band, Banda MS is showing the fans a great time at their concerts, performing classics like “Mi razón de ser”, “Cahuates, pistaches”, “Hermosa experiencia”, “No me pidas perdón” and “El mechón”.

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