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  • FRI
    Aug 30(TBD)
    2024 Auburn Tigers Football Season Tickets (Includes Tickets To All Regular Season Home Games)Jordan-Hare Stadium, Auburn, AL
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  • SAT
    Aug 3106:30 PM
    Auburn Tigers vs. Alabama A&M BulldogsJordan-Hare Stadium, Auburn, AL
  • SAT
    Sep 702:30 PM
    Auburn Tigers vs. California Golden BearsJordan-Hare Stadium, Auburn, AL
  • SAT
    Sep 1406:30 PM
    Auburn Tigers vs. New Mexico LobosJordan-Hare Stadium, Auburn, AL
  • SAT
    Sep 21(TBD)
    Auburn Tigers vs. Arkansas RazorbacksJordan-Hare Stadium, Auburn, AL
  • SAT
    Sep 28(TBD)
    Auburn Tigers vs. Oklahoma SoonersJordan-Hare Stadium, Auburn, AL
  • SAT
    Oct 5(TBD)
    Georgia Bulldogs vs. Auburn TigersSanford Stadium, Athens, GA
  • SAT
    Oct 19(TBD)
    Missouri Tigers vs. Auburn TigersFaurot Field at Memorial Stadium, Columbia, MO
  • SAT
    Oct 26(TBD)
    Kentucky Wildcats vs. Auburn TigersKroger Field, Lexington, KY
  • SAT
    Nov 2(TBD)
    Auburn Tigers vs. Vanderbilt CommodoresJordan-Hare Stadium, Auburn, AL
  • SAT
    Nov 1611:45 AM
    Auburn Tigers vs. Louisiana-Monroe WarhawksJordan-Hare Stadium, Auburn, AL
  • SAT
    Nov 23(TBD)
    Auburn Tigers vs. Texas A&M AggiesJordan-Hare Stadium, Auburn, AL
  • SAT
    Nov 30(TBD)
    Alabama Crimson Tide vs. Auburn TigersBryant-Denny Stadium, Tuscaloosa, AL
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    About Auburn Tigers Football

    The Auburn Tigers football team continues to enthuse fans with top-notch performances and memorable highlights in recent times. Every game is a thrilling spectacle, replete with suspense and intense rivalry, which fuels anticipation for live sports events and ticket sales.

    Under the stewardship of the competent coach Bryan Harsin, Auburn continues to honor its legacy as an SEC powerhouse. The 2020 football season was filled with many ups and downs, reflecting the team's resilience and determination. The team's exceptional performance against their arch-rivals, the Alabama Crimson Tide, in the Iron Bowl is worth mentioning. Despite the defeat, the Tigers challenged the undefeated Alabama, demonstrating their exceptional level of competency, marking a significant highlight in their recent past.

    The exemplary performance of Bo Nix, considered the team's linchpin, merits special mention. As the quarterback, Nix has shown remarkable growth in his performance. His leadership skills and tactical acumen have guided the team through several challenging confrontations. Tank Bigsby, the team's running back, was equally impressive, helping to secure strong positions in several key matches with his incredible rushing skills.

    Another notable moment was during the 2021 season when the Tigers made a dramatic comeback in the game against Georgia State. Down 24-12 in the fourth quarter, Auburn managed to surge forward to a 34-24 win, further showcasing the team's indomitable fighting spirit.

    Auburn Tigers' performances on the field have invariably translated to packed stadium stands and booming ticket sales. The Jordan-Hare Stadium, with a seating capacity of 87,451, routinely witnesses an influx of fans, making it one of the most densely populated venues in the country. Live games are not just about football; they are a blend of thrilling sportsmanship, palpable energy, and deep-seated traditions. The fervor for Auburn football is evident in the high demand for tickets, making each game a highly anticipated event.

    Tickets for the games are in high demand, with fans eager to secure a spot in the action-packed stadium. The online ticket portals serve as efficient platforms to manage ticket sales, ensuring a seamless process for fans worldwide. The season tickets, particularly, are hot sellers, providing fans with access to all home games and guaranteeing themselves a front-row seat to the dynamic performances by the Tigers.

    The trending mobile ticketing option caters to tech-savvy fans who prefer digital means. It has also encouraged quicker and more secure transactions. A range of premium seating options, including the Nelson Club and Tiger Walk Club, provide upscale amenities and exclusive views, elevating the live match experience.

    For the diehard Tigers fans, there's nothing comparable to experiencing the matches in-person, immersing in the high-stakes energy, and being a part of the cheering crowd when the team makes a breakthrough. The value of live sports events not only lies in the thrill of the game but also in the emotional connections formed by fans through shared experiences.

    In conclusion, the Auburn Tigers Football team continues to elevate their game, delivering a steady stream of memorable performances and spectacular highlights. The growing anticipation for their games and the surge in ticket sales are clear indicators of the team's continued popularity and the magnetic appeal of live sports events. Fans are looking forward to more heart-stopping performances from the Tigers in the future as they continue their pursuit of excellence.

    Auburn Tigers Football History

    The Auburn Tigers football team boasts a rich and illustrious history rooted in tradition, legacy, and sportsmanship. As a member of the Southeastern Conference (SEC), Auburn University has solidified its position as a dominant force in collegiate football. The team's journey has been punctuated by remarkable triumphs, unforgettable live sports events, and the unwavering support of their fan base, who eagerly secure their tickets to witness the captivating play of the Tigers.

    The Auburn Tigers trace their origins back to 1892, when George Petrie spearheaded the formation and coaching of the inaugural team. The team, known then simply as Auburn, played their first game against the University of Georgia and began a rivalry that persists to this day. This first game marked the beginning of Auburn’s storied history in college football, opening a new chapter of live sports events that would captivate countless fans for generations to come.

    The team's nickname, "Tigers," was inspired by Oliver Goldsmith's poem, "The Deserted Village," which contains the line, "where crouching tigers wait their hapless prey." This name has come to symbolize the team's tenacity and ferocity on the field, characteristics embodied by every player who puts on the orange and blue.

    Throughout their history, the Auburn Tigers have won numerous conference championships and produced a myriad of All-Americans and professional football players. The team won their first national championship in 1957 under the leadership of Coach Ralph "Shug" Jordan. He remains the winningest coach in Auburn history, a testament to his extraordinary coaching prowess.

    Several live sporting events in the team's history stand out, such as the Iron Bowl, the annual grudge match against the University of Alabama. The Iron Bowl is always one of the most anticipated college football games of the season, with tickets selling out quickly. Another exciting moment in Auburn Tigers' history was the legendary "Kick Six" in the 2013 Iron Bowl, which saw Chris Davis return a missed Alabama field goal 109 yards for a touchdown as time expired, resulting in a stunning victory for Auburn.

    One of the defining aspects of Auburn Tigers' football is the palpable energy inside Jordan-Hare Stadium, their home since 1939. With a capacity of over 87,000 passionate fans, the stadium provides an electrifying atmosphere that ranks among the best in college sports. Securing tickets to a game at Jordan-Hare is a priority for many Auburn fans, as these live sporting events offer an unmatched experience that combines thrilling gameplay, time-honoured traditions, and unforgettable camaraderie.

    The Auburn Tigers continue to maintain their legacy with every season, building on their historic past while looking ahead to future victories. Their commitment to excellence, both on and off the field, their thrilling live sports events, and their passionate fan base make Auburn Tigers' football more than just a game - it's a way of life.

    In conclusion, the Auburn Tigers football team showcases the very best of college sports through their historic achievements, thrilling live sports events, and the unyielding spirit of their fans. Whether from the stands of Jordan-Hare Stadium or from the comfort of their homes, supporters continue to secure their tickets as they anticipate the next exciting chapter in the team’s history.

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