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About Andrea Bocelli

There are few artists who can boast of massive commercial success. And even fewer who have achieved that success whilst being physically challenged. Welcome to the world of Andrea Bocelli.

Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli is praised for his majestic voice, some even calling it the best voice on earth. Pop sensation Celine Dion perhaps said it best – “If God had a voice he would sound like Andrea”. Having worked with Dion on the duet “The Prayer”, their collaboration was hailed as “gorgeous” by the critics. From Dion and Barbra Streisand to Jennifer Lopez and Ariana Grande, Andrea Bocelli has joined forces with some of the top female singers to make some exceptional music.

Bocelli is music industry’s golden boy, overcoming extreme obstacles including blindness to become an inspiration for people the world over. He wouldn’t want his life any other way as he believes it’s not the absence of defects that make the talent grow. For him music works in mysterious ways, bringing forth strong emotions.

Andrea Bocelli will soon head out on his annual winter tour of North America, following which he’ll embark on the Valentine’s Day Tour. Andrea Bocelli tickets promise fans, “a unique holiday repertoire combining the most beloved arias, crossover hits and famed love songs.”

Early Life & Influences

Let’s take a moment and join Andrea Bocelli in praising his mother. The brave woman rejected her doctor’s advice to abort her baby as some tests indicated he’d be born with a disability. Edi Bocelli preserved her pregnancy and Andrea was born. Soon after his birth he was diagnosed with congenital glaucoma which led to weak eyesight, and eventually he became completely blind at the age of 12.

By the time the tragedy struck, Andrea was already apt in playing the piano, saxophone and flute. Fulfilling his parents wish to become a lawyer, he studied law in university, but at the same time kept his music alive. He supported his education by performing in nightclubs and singing at piano bars. He even practiced law for a year, before pursuing a career in music.

His passion for singing started at a young age, listening to the great voices like Beniamino Gigli, Franco Corelli, Mario Del Monaco, Giuseppe di Stefano, Enrico Caruso, Maria Callas and Renata Tebaldi. Deeply religious, Andrea Bocelli has been friends with Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI. Their vision has inspired him not just in music but also in his humanitarian work. Bocelli has performed live for the Popes, Queen Elizabeth, US Presidents and numerous heads of states. A huge fan of the late Muhammad Ali, he even sang for the legend.

Breakthrough & Recognition

Capturing the hearts of all ages, Andrea Bocelli has transcended boundaries from classic to pop. Through his sincerity and passionate performances, he has touched millions of souls.

In 1992, Bocelli found his breakthrough when his demo tape landed on the table of the Italian operatic tenor Luciano Pavarotti. He had recorded the song “Miserere” for the pop star Zucchero Fornaciari, but when Pavarotti heard it, he loved Bocelli’s rendition. “Miserere” was then performed as a duet by Luciano Pavarotti and Andrea Bocelli, becoming a Europe-wide smash hit.

He soon landed a record deal in Italy and released his debut album “l Mare Calmo Della Sera” in 1994. It was followed by self-titled sophomore album that became a huge hit and featured the popular track, “Con te partirò”. In both, France and Belgium it broke sales records, becoming an all-time best-selling song. In 1996, its English version was released along with soprano Sarah Brightman, titled “Time to Say Goodbye”. It went on to sell over 12 million copies, filing under one of the best-selling singles of all time.

1999’s “Sogno” took Bocelli to newer heights and he became an international star. The album featured the song “The Prayer”, a duet with Celine Dion and it broke through the Billboard charts. It even earned the duo a Grammy Award nomination.

More successful albums followed soon, including “Cieli di Toscana” (2001) and “Amore” (2006).

Notable Work & Album Releases

With time Andrea Bocelli expanded his fanbase by venturing into pop music. Opera and classic music remained his first love, but he tested water with other styles as well. His 2015’s “Cinema” is a testament of his versatility and eclectic musical approach. He fulfilled one of his dreams by creating an album that featured his favorite movie songs composed originally by the singers Mario Lanza and Frank Sinatra. “Cinema” received nods from both the Grammy Awards and the Latin Grammy Awards. The album was not without its critics though.

Unfazed by the critics’ wrath, Bocelli continued to make music his own way. In 2005, he even featured on an episode of Sesame Street, singing Elmo the lullaby “Time to Say Goodnight”, a parody of his hit song, “Time to Say Goodbye”. He once stated in an interview that he loves to sing for everybody. Not too fond of calling himself a crossover singer, Bocelli finds music to be an expression. If he had it his own way, he would never talk or have a conversation and instead sing all the time.

Andrea Bocelli’s life is full of honors and recognitions. His achievements are outstanding, spanning over 25 years. His voice has been heard in different parts of the world, from New Zealand, Australia and South Africa to China, Japan and Singapore. He’s a regular performer in Europe, North America and South America. From best singer to best-selling artist, Andre Bocelli has won numerous accolades. For his contribution to live theater, he was also awarded a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

On the People’s magazine list of “fifty most beautiful people”, Andrea Bocelli is not just physically attractive but also has an alluring personality. He is a part of numerous charitable organizations and through his voice, has helped out several causes.

Andrea Bocelli Tour Tickets

Italian superstar Andrea Bocelli concerts aren’t the kind of thing you want to miss, so snag tickets now. The “world’s most famous tenor” is a musical legend. Audiences dress up for the occasion, don’t be surprised in some venues to spot men in tuxedos and women in ball gowns at an Andrea Bocelli concert. At the very least, men will don sports coats for the occasion. There is an air of reverence at an Andrea Bocelli show, you’ll rarely find anyone on their phones, so the show goes uninterrupted.

The man is a legend, and delivers everything fans have come to expect. There will be many impressive moments, long drawn out, powerful notes delivered by the singer. Audiences respond with many interludes of extended applause and cheers. Bocelli holds his own, often appearing with full orchestras and choruses, but always keeping all eyes and ears on him. With good reason: the man’s voice is singular, unmatched. Though it works beautifully with the other talented singers he often duets with, expertly blending and harmonizing. For fans of Italian opera and newcomers alike, an Andrea Bocelli concert is certainly something to behold, a life changing musical experience. Andrea Bocelli tickets are a must have for music fans of all ages!

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