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Alice Cooper's History

Alice Cooper is an American rock band that was formed in Arizona in the late 1960s. The band was originally named after their lead singer, Vincent Damon Furnier, who adopted the stage name of Alice Cooper. The band became known for their theatrical live shows, which often included macabre props, elaborate costumes, and over-the-top theatrics.

Alice Cooper's first album, "Pretties for You," was released in 1969, but it wasn't until their third album, "Love It to Death," that the band achieved mainstream success. The album included the hit song "I'm Eighteen," which became a classic rock staple and helped solidify Alice Cooper's place in the music world.

Over the next few years, Alice Cooper released a string of successful albums, including "Killer," "School's Out," and "Billion Dollar Babies." The band became known for their outrageous live performances, which included guillotines, electric chairs, and live snakes. Alice Cooper's theatrical shows were unlike anything that had ever been seen before, and they quickly became one of the most popular live acts of the 1970s.

In 1975, Alice Cooper released their sixth album, "Welcome to My Nightmare," which was a concept album that told the story of a terrifying dream. The album was accompanied by a live show, which included elaborate stage sets and a cast of actors who acted out the story of the album. The "Welcome to My Nightmare" tour was a massive success, and it helped cement Alice Cooper's reputation as a master of live performance.

Over the next few decades, Alice Cooper continued to release albums and tour extensively. The band went through several lineup changes, but Alice Cooper remained the constant driving force behind the group. Even as the music world changed around them, Alice Cooper's theatrical live shows remained a constant, and the band continued to draw large crowds all over the world.

Today, Alice Cooper is still going strong, with a dedicated following of fans who love their unique blend of rock music and theatrical performance. The band continues to tour regularly, and their live shows are still known for their over-the-top theatrics and macabre props.

If you're a fan of Alice Cooper and their iconic live shows, you'll want to make sure you have tickets to see them perform. Alice Cooper concerts are always a spectacle, and they're not to be missed. You can find Alice Cooper tickets online or at your local ticket seller, but make sure you buy them early, as their shows often sell out quickly.

In conclusion, Alice Cooper is one of the most iconic rock bands of all time, known for their theatrical live shows and macabre props. From their early days as a cult favorite to their mainstream success in the 1970s and beyond, Alice Cooper has remained a staple of the music world. Fans of the band can still catch them live today, and their shows are as thrilling and over-the-top as ever. Make sure you get your tickets early, as these concerts are not to be missed.

More About Alice Cooper

"School's Out"

The ultimate summer anthem, "School's Out" has been a staple of Alice Cooper's live shows for decades. Released in 1972, the song features a catchy chorus and a guitar riff that will get stuck in your head for days. When Cooper performs this track live, he often incorporates the use of confetti, balloons, and other props to really get the audience in the mood for summer.

"No More Mr. Nice Guy"

Another classic from the early '70s, "No More Mr. Nice Guy" is a riff-heavy track with a killer hook. The song is all about breaking free from societal expectations and living life on your own terms, and it's a message that has resonated with fans for decades. When Cooper performs this song live, he often dresses up in a top hat and tails to really bring the character to life.

"I'm Eighteen"

Perhaps Alice Cooper's most iconic song, "I'm Eighteen" is a coming-of-age anthem that captures all the angst and disillusionment of youth. Released in 1970, the track features Cooper's signature growling vocals and a guitar riff that will get your heart racing. When he performs this song live, Cooper often gets the audience involved by having them sing along to the chorus.


In the late '80s, Alice Cooper underwent a bit of a reinvention and released a series of slick, catchy rock tracks. "Poison" was one of the most popular of these songs, featuring a soaring chorus and a seductive vibe. When Cooper performs this track live, he often incorporates the use of elaborate stage props and backdrops to really bring the song to life.

"Feed My Frankenstein"

Alice Cooper's live shows have always been known for their theatricality, and "Feed My Frankenstein" is a great example of that. The song features a heavy, chugging riff and lyrics about creating a monster, but it's the live performance that really makes it unforgettable. Cooper often appears on stage dressed as a mad scientist, surrounded by giant props and flashing lights.

If you're a fan of Alice Cooper and want to experience his live shows for yourself, be sure to check out his upcoming tour dates. Tickets for his concerts are always in high demand and tend to sell out quickly, so be sure to get yours as soon as possible. Whether you're a die-hard fan or just looking for a fun night out, an Alice Cooper concert is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

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