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About Ali Wong

She came, she saw, she conquered.

Ali Wong has thrashed the stereotypes that existed in the comedy circuit, rapidly climbing the mountain with her talent and skills. A writer, standup comedian and an actress, Wong proved everyone wrong who believed that women aren’t funny. The San Francisco comedian has been on fire ever since she made her debut on Netflix standup special “Baby Cobra”.  

Smashing other pre-conceived conventions such as standup comedians aren’t educated or married or mothers, Ali Wong has today become a household name in the US. Whoever said that good things come in small packages couldn’t have been more right. Petite – no, make that tiny, Wong is everywhere and shocking people with her raunchy acts.

Mind you, Ali Wong’s humor is not for the faint-heart as she can be lewd in her jokes and savagely hilarious. Charmingly unhinged, Wong is fiercely intelligent but she doesn’t shy away from sharing graphic, intimate experiences with her audience. Since giving birth to her first child, Wong has cut down on touring and live performances. She occasionally announces a one-off show and when she does, the waiting fans rush to buy Ali Wong tickets.

Early Life & Influences

If you’ve watched in awe Ali Wong’s rebellious attitude and strong-willed humor, then know this – it’s all natural. Even as a child and later in college, she would get into all kinds of trouble and even in fistfights with the boys. Born to a Vietnamese immigrant mother and Chinese-American father, Wong was encouraged to think freely and fortunately didn’t have the stereotypical Asian-American parents. In fact, her parents taught her to be confident and bold, and to always stand up for her rights.

She landed standup gigs in San Francisco’s Bay Area and performed there for almost four years. Hearing about the opportunities that the New York comedy scene offered, Wong packed her bags and headed out east.

Ali Wong’s journey up the success ladder came with a lot of hard work. There was a time early in her career when she performed almost nine times a day. It worked and earned her enough recognition to be selected for the Comedy Cellar. Since then, Ali Wong hasn’t looked back and is steadily making her way on the top.

Breakthrough & Recognition

In 2011, Variety magazine placed her on their “10 Comics to Watch” list and it prompted appearance requests from The Tonight Show and John Oliver’s New York Stand Up Show. Ali Wong even appeared on Dave Attell’s Comedy Underground Show, where her performance was critically lauded. Wong then landed a few acting roles, starring in the movie “Savages” alongside Salma Hayek and Benicio del Toro.

Her big break came in 2016 with the Netflix. On the Mother’s Day, the network released her standup special titled “Baby Cobra”, which was filmed when Wong was 7 months pregnant. Becoming a huge hit, the comedian covered topics like the Asian-American community, the prejudices in it and even interracial dating. What made the special hit home with the audience was Ali Wong’s personal approach. In a poignant moment, she talked about her miscarriage earlier and even though she joked about it, it revealed to the audience she was merely finding closure.

The title of the standup special “Baby Cobra” was inspired by a yoga pose, but also speaks metaphorically of the people who told Wong she’s killing her career by having a baby. A groundbreaker and comic genius that she is, Wong however took inspiration from the word “killing” which in comedy world means making people laugh out loud.

As she got onto the stage whilst being pregnant, Ali Wong broke many barriers and paved way for other female performers who had doubts about taking the stage in that condition. According to Wong, being pregnant helped her give her best as in that state one’s emotions and senses are heightened. She took the audience by storm as she herself was feeling all the right things. After delivering one of the funniest and filthiest comedy specials, Ali Wong was placed among the most sought after standup comedians.

Notable Work

Ali Wong’s humor is coarse and even offensive to some extent, but it’s her ability to say those things in a way that stops the audience from grimacing. Describing her style as “naughty Oprah”, Wong has found critical acclaim because of her brutally honest approach.

Crass, dirty and opinioned, Wong’s humor perfectly mirrors her personality. While she seems harmless on the outside – tiny and nerdy glasses, she can yank out jokes that are never appropriate but always funny. Besides her remarkable work on “Baby Cobra”, Wong is also the acclaimed screenwriter for the hit ABC sitcom “Fresh Off the Boat”.

The theme of the show centers on the plight of a multi-cultural family and Wong has been able to make it both, comforting and edgier at the same time. Sticking her ground, she’s not ready to compromise on her vision, which makes the show a blockbuster.

Ali Wong currently stars on another ABC sitcom, “American Housewife”. Playing the character Doris, she fires up the show with her sarcastic comments and tough, hands-on parenting. The sitcom earned a nomination at the 2017 People’s Choice Awards.

Ali Wong Ticket Prices

Ali Wong doesn’t tour much but whenever she announces a live show, fans make sure to buy tickets in advance. Due to the scarcity in her standup shows, Ali Wong ticket prices are often on the higher side. She has a few performances lined up and is ready to make the audience gawk at her brashness and squirm at her humor.

Ali Wong was raised as an adventurous child by her parents and her comedy style depicts her daring nature. Come fully prepared – she will shock, enlighten and delight.

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