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25 years in the music industry and with 10 albums recorded, AFI can definitely be called a legacy act. The Californian quartet is considered as the punk-rock, gothic, emo, alternative rock chameleons. Adam Carson, Davey Havok, Hunter Burgan and Jade Puget released their 10th album “AFI (The Blood Album)” on January 20, 2017 and it’s a clear indication that they are still forging their own path in the music industry.

AFI reached the 10th album milestone sounding rejuvenated and fresh. Among the band’s many qualities that have helped them sustain longevity is a tight-knit relationship between the members. AFI continues to be a punk-rock staple not just in California but also in the other parts of the country. Their mainstream crossover has helped them soar to newer heights and reach out to larger audiences. Tracks like “Miss Murder”, “The Leaving Song Pt. II” and “Love Like Winter” brought them huge success and are fan-favorites at their live concerts.

AFI is not afraid to push boundaries and that’s what makes them relevant even after all these years. They are currently on The Blood Tour, hitting the arenas on select dates – AFI tickets for which are in great demand.

AFI – Early Years & Influences

AFI’s origins stretch back to the early 90s, when the high schoolers Davey Havok, Mark Stopholese and Vic Chalker formed the band. A short form of A Fire Inside, AFI released their debut EP “Dork” in 1993 and it sold respectable number of copies. Soon after, the founding members went to different universities and AFI disbanded.

For a while they all did their own thing but later got together for a reunion show that received incredible response. A huge crowd turned up at the Petaluma’s Phoenix Theater which encouraged AFI to pursue making music.

Between 1993 and 1995 six independent EPs were released. In 1995, AFI came out with their first studio album “Answer That and Stay Fashionable”. Even though it lacked the flair seen in their later records, the album provided the band a great introduction. Driven solely by hardcore punk, it featured raw and fast-paced music.

“Very Proud of Ya” followed the next year and it was indeed an effort that the fans were proud of. Offering a powerful dose of hardcore punk, what lacked in technical prowess, the album made up for in superb lyrics, simplistic guitar work and angsty vocals.

During all this time the band toured excessively, selling out AFI tour tickets and building on their popularity. AFI evolved musically and all the while soaked in a variety of influences. Davey Havok has always professed his love for gothic bands but the band has also been inspired by the 80s’ R&B. Their biggest influences include The Cure, The Sisters of Mercy and Joy Division. Rock bands like the Green Day, Misfits and Danzig have also helped shape their style.

Notable Album Releases

AFI entered the new millennium with their first chartbusting album. “The Art of Drowning” hit the shelves in 2000 and peaked at number 9 on the Heatseekers. The Alternative Press placed it on its Ten Most-Influential Punk Albums 2000 list. Presenting a laudable level of maturity, Carson, Havok, Burgan and Puget evolved into brooding, deep intellectuals. While staying true to their punk roots, AFI delved more into the 80s’ horror-punk style and treated the fans to rougher and deeper songs.

Havok excelled on vocals, Puget crafted some of the greatest riffs in the band’s history; whereas, Carson and Burgan asserted their position with some kickass instrumentation.

In 2003, “Sing the Sorrow” was released through the DreamWorks label and it became AFI’s first Billboard 200, top five album. Tilting more towards the emo style of post-hardcore, the album is considered as one of their most accomplished works. Guitarist Puget replaced the fast and livid riffs with intricate sounds and Havok touched upon melodic, softer vocals.

The lead single “Girl’s Not Grey” earned AFI an MTV Music Award and became one of the most requested songs on radio and music channels.

2006’s “Decemberunderground” clinched the top position on the Billboard 200 and peaked at the music charts in Europe, Canada and Australia. A thematic compilation, Davey Havok defined the album as a “time and place”. It was mainly for those people whose lives were at crossroad. “The Missing Frame”, “Miss Murder” and “Prelude 12/21” are the songs that stood out on the album and even made it to the charts.

“Crash Love” and “Burials” were released in 2009 and 2013, respectively, both making it to the Billboard 200.

AFI Tour Tickets

2017’s “AFI (The Blood Album)” is the 10th album by the band and it reached 5th position on the Billboard 200. Supported by The Blood Tour, their concerts recorded sold-out tickets sales and a huge crowd enjoyed the live rendition of their new tracks.

“AFI” is a continuation of the band’s stylistic evolution and maturity. The Blood Album as it’s aptly titled, draws traces from their previous hit albums, offering little bit from each stage. With the rhythmic post-hardcore serving as its backbone, the songs are ferocious, gothic and packed with solid hooks.

The rock anthems “Silver and Cold”, “Snow Cats” and “Hidden Knives” kept the fans on their feet in their recent concerts. AFI’s New York show at the Terminal 5 was a sold-out event as a capacity crowd of 3,000 packed the house. Energy snowballed as the ecstatic fans crowd surfed and headbanged to the classic rock numbers.

The setlist for the 2018 concerts has been mixed up to treat the fans to the old hits as well as new numbers. AFI has promised to keep the crowd on their toes with their passionate and energetic performance, giving everyone a night they won’t forget anytime soon. The Blood Tour schedule is being updated regularly, so keep an eye on the tickets and make sure you catch these hardcore punk legends in live action.

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