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There are some DJs who can fire up any kind of party or festival. Then there are those DJs who produce their own music and can energize the fans with their groovy beats. Above & Beyond is a group that can do both – quite successfully.

Exceeding their own sky-high standards, Jono Grant, Tony McGuinness and Paavo Siljamäki are flying above and beyond, increasing their already massive following. The EDM trio from UK will end 2017 with a bang; having announced few scheduled concerts and will later ring in the New Year with North American shows. Above and Beyond tickets have a history of selling out fast – remember their Hollywood Bowl event.

Delivering an acoustic tour de force on the May 28, 2016, concert at the Hollywood Bowl, Above & Beyond transformed their club-geared tracks into expansive anthems. The trance music maestros reached out to diverse audiences, shattering all stereotypes. The trio’s incredible journey has been captured in a documentary titled “Above & Beyond Acoustic: Giving Up The Day Job” that will release in 2018 in theaters all across the world. Award-winning directors Myles Desenberg and Paul Dugdale are at the helm of this film. The documentary release comes with a supporting tour.

Above & Beyond – The Beginning

Jono Grant and Paavo Siljamäki formed Above & Beyond in 1999. Their shared love for electronic music brought them together at the University of Westminster and after building chemistry with one and other, they decided to form their own label Anjunabeats.

The song “Volume One” was released and it immediately got the attention of popular DJs of that time. Pete Tong, Judge Jules, Paul Oakenfold and Paul van Dyk, all played the track in their clubs and live shows, thus marking the entry of the duo in the EDM scene.

More remixes and new tracks were released under their alter egos, Dirt Devils and Free State. Tony McGuinness, the marketing manager of the Warner Music Group got wind of the two artists and hired them to work on the remix version of the song “Home” by Chakra. Pete Tong, who knew Grant and Siljamäki from their debut single, played the song on BBC Radio 1 and it later received a lot of airtime. So much so that the single topped the UK Club charts.

During the time Tony McGuinness, Grant and Siljamäki were working on the track, they came across the website of a motivational speaker who coincidentally was also named Jono Grant. The slogan that he used was “Above & Beyond”, and the trio liked it so much that they decided to keep it as their name.

Besides producing music, the talented trio further expanded their wings and collaborated with Justine Suissa to form a trance vocal group called OceanLab.

EDM is a beast to define, especially due to the variety of styles it presents and the sounds it produces. Above & Beyond treats the listeners to a fusion but mostly their compositions fall under the subgenre trance that’s driven by rhythmic melodic vocals and an exciting buildup. Borrowing their sound from dubstep, house and techno, the trio also finds inspiration in classical and folk music. According to McGuinness, the blend of these different styles allows them to keep their music fresh and ingenious.

Above & Beyond Meteoric Rise

Within a year of their entry into the EDM scene, Above & Beyond were roped in to remix tracks of famous artists, including “Ordinary World” by Aurora. In 2001, Madonna’s “What It Feels Like for a Girl” was given an upbeat, dance treatment. The Queen of Pop liked Above & Beyond’s version so much that she used it instead of her own original track for the music video. According to the critics, it was this rendition that placed Above & Beyond on the music map.

Above & Beyond made their DJ debut in 2002, when they travelled to Tokyo and had more than 8,000 clubbers dancing to their beats. It paved way for more live shows and soon the trio was being invited to perform at popular festivals and EDM events.

In 2006, the trance group came up with their debut album “Tri-State” that boosted their rise to international stardom. Featuring high-caliber embodiment of electronic and progressive house, it included ambient tracks like “Good For Me”. The poignant number “Can’t Sleep” was nominated among the top three EDM songs of 2006.

The album release was followed by New Year’s Eve performance in 2007 at the Barra Beach in Brazil. Till date, it remains one of the biggest live performances of their career, drawing in a massive crowd.

Above & Beyond has so far released five albums and their sixth album titled “Common Ground” is set to release on January 26, 2018. It comes with a Common Ground North America Tour.

Above and Beyond Tour Tickets

Above & Beyond will end 2017 with a bang as their Common Ground North America Tour will kick off with New Year’s Eve shows. Since the announcement of the trek, Above and Beyond tour tickets have been among the hottest selling items and the trio is likely to perform in front of a sold out crowd.

A three-hour set has been announced and the live shows will also feature guest appearances from Spencer Brown, Gabriel & Dresden and Grum. Creating dance music for almost two decades now, Above & Beyond has reached a point in their career where they have to balance between being ingenious and meeting the demands of the fans.

According to Jono Grant, the group has been selling out shows everywhere they go and that has led to fans’ expectation – the demand of producing non-stop hits. So far, they’ve managed to focus on ingenuity and abstained from diluting the quality of their music.

Their shows are usually accompanied by a live orchestra and the acoustic versions of the songs leave the audience ecstatic. Some of their biggest hits like “We Are All We Need” are performed with lush grandeur; whereas, “Sticky Fingers” is given a striking, harp-centered treatment.

Above & Beyond concerts offer a different experience all together – bursting with colors, instrumental intensity and a volume of sing-alongs. They will definitely put you in an acoustic, orchestral trance.

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