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Wrigley Field Tickets

Wrigley Field is synonymous with baseball; there’s a chance that one day, you’ll look up the sport in the dictionary and find a picture of this iconic stadium.

As the home field of the Chicago Cubs, this park is an essential piece of baseball lore as well as Chicago's rich history. Wrigley first opened its doors in 1914, 2 years after the oldest park in Major League Baseball, Fenway Park in Boston, MA. People travel from all over the world to get Chicago Cubs tickets and watch baseball, as well as other events, at this iconic stadium.

Baseball enthusiasts love Wrigley Field because it has been home to some of the most memorable moments in baseball history. One event in particular that really stands out is the time that George Herman “Babe” Ruth pointed towards the center field bleachers, and then cranked a home run right to that spot. This is one of the most famous baseball legends of all time and it happened right in Wrigley Field. Of course, this is only one of many iconic moments that shaped baseball into what it is today that occurred in Wrigley Field.

Going to a baseball game at Wrigley Field is a different experience than most other MLB games. Tourists flock to Wrigley because of its long and fascinating history. This stadium offers a unique glimpse into what baseball, and life, was like in the early 1900s and on. In the 1990s and early 2000s it became very popular for new parks to be designed with a retro style. With 41,159 seats, Wrigley Field is the real deal, offering a nostalgic baseball experience for thrilled Cubs fans year after year.

Of course, just because a stadium has history does not mean that guests shouldn't be able to enjoy modern amenities and features. Wrigley Field has done an amazing job maintaining their classic styling while still keeping up with modern times. Baseball purists will be thrilled to experience the old-timey charm and classic feel that Wrigley offers, but newcomers who are not interested in the historical aspect of the park will still enjoy their experience. Wrigley Field was the last stadium to install lights for night games, doing so in 1988.

Getting There and Getting In

Parking & Directions

Wrigley Field is located at 1060 W Addison St, Chicago, IL. Parking can be expensive in some areas, which is why most locals recommend taking the train or the el. The red line goes straight to Wrigley Field and the downtown area.

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