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Why ScoreBig?

There hasn't been a TV, tablet, smart phone or smart watch invented that beats going to a live event. But, most people just plain can't afford them. ScoreBig exists to fix this problem.

We help you get great seats at the price, YOU choose, not the price someone else chooses for you.

When you a Name A Ticket Price, you save up to 60% below box office price on the events you want to attend with no fees or shipping charges.

How to ScoreBig

How does ScoreBig get great prices?

Most major games, shows and concerts have hundreds and sometimes thousands of unsold tickets—even events you’d think are sold out.

When you Name a Ticket Price on ScoreBig, we don’t publish your price. That means teams and shows are comfortable giving us (and you!) huge deals—up to 60% below box office price.

When we can’t get you tickets below box office price, we guarantee that your tickets will be cheaper than the same ticket offered by other major online ticket resellers.

What are customers saying about us?

"ScoreBig now provides a place that caters to the needs of the price-conscious event-goer."
"They don't charge you those nasty 'convenience fees' like those other guys. ScoreBig is a ticketing force to be reckoned with."
"You bid $50 for a seat; you pay $50 for a seat - all in. Need the tickets the next day? ScoreBig will FedEx them overnight, free charge."
"Great seats at prices you can afford. This isn't a gimmick. ScoreBig or go home"